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NAME := EmbeddedRust
THEME := metropolis
THEME_FILES := beamercolortheme${THEME}.sty \
beamerfonttheme${THEME}.sty \
beamerinnertheme${THEME}.sty \
beameroutertheme${THEME}.sty \
beamertheme${THEME}.sty \
.PHONY: all clean tex-clean
all: ${NAME}.pdf
body.tex: ${NAME}.md
pandoc --pdf-engine=xelatex -t beamer -V theme:${THEME} -o body.tex ${NAME}.md
${NAME}.pdf: head.tex body.tex
xelatex head.tex
xelatex head.tex
mv head.pdf ${NAME}.pdf
@rm -f *.aux *.log *.nav *.out *.snm *.toc *.vrb body.tex
clean: tex-clean
@rm -f *.pdf